19-05-2022 / 12:32

5x tips for camping in winter

Camping season over? Well no! Temperatures may be a bit lower, but that only makes camping in the winter season more cozy! Even better: camping in the winter is highly recommended! We would like to give you some tips for your camping trip, weekend or week in the winter season.

#1 Check whether your campsite is open in winter

For some campsites the season ends in late September or early October. So it’s always smart to double check that the campsite you want to go to is open in the winter months. Tips for (relatively undiscovered) campsites that are also open in winter? Of course we have them:

  • Camping Stortemelk. Really get away from it all? Then go to camping Stortemelk on Vlieland. Here you will experience the peaceful pace of island life. You walk across the dune and you’re on the beach. Stortemelk is open all year round.
  • Camping de Zilveren Maan. This campsite is close to the beautiful nature reserve of the Northern Frisian Woods. Also in the winter this is a wonderful place for nature lovers. Camping de Zilveren Maan is open all year.
  • Camping de Voscheheugte. Green happiness in Drenthe’. The Voscheheugte is situated opposite the beautiful Mantingerzand nature reserve, which makes this camp site highly recommended all year round. In the cozy eatery you can go for a hot cup of coffee.

#2 Be prepared for colder temperatures

A well-known slogan in the outdoor world is: ‘get warm before you get in’. Winter does bring cold, so make sure you are prepared. That means: bring warm (thermo) clothing, but also a warmer sleeping bag and a sleeping mat with a good insulation value.

Need tips for warm and comfortable sleep in the cold? Read on here.

#3 Make sure you stay dry when it rains

When choosing your campsite, check to see if it also has a common indoor area that you can move to in case of rain. If your campsite doesn’t offer that, invest in a good tarp or a larger tent so you have enough space to sit dry and warm.

#4 Bring the right gear

Hiking through the woods? Warm, high-tech hiking socks are a must. Taking your backpack with you? Consider a rain cover. And sleeping nice and warm? Invest in a warm sleeping bag and sleeping pad.

A quality, waterproof tent is also important in rainy weather. Wondering how you can tell how waterproof your tent is? Then read on here.

#5 Let there be light!

The days are naturally a lot shorter in the winter. You’ll notice that when you’re cooking or dining in the dark at night. So always make sure that you take enough light sources with you, for example in the form of a headlight or a camping lamp.

Have fun!