19-05-2022 / 11:53

Mummy versus blanket sleeping bag: which sleeping bag is right for me?

Whether you’re camping in a hot or cold climate, a good night’s sleep depends on the right sleeping bag. That’s why a sleeping bag is one of the most important items of your camping equipment. You know you need a sleeping bag when you go camping, now all that’s left is to ask yourself: what kind of sleeping bag is right for me and my vacation? Below we explain the differences between a blanket and a mummy model and list some of the advantages and disadvantages you can take into account.

Blanket sleeping bag

With a blanket sleeping bag you choose comfort. The word says it all, a “blanket” sleeping bag is similar to a regular blanket. With a blanket model you have a lot of room to move around. The comfort is also in the materials used in blanket sleeping bags, which are usually down and cotton.

Suitable for: camping trips where you stay longer in one place and/or where you value comfort above all. You attach less value to weight or compactness, it should be comfortable and warm. If you sleep in a camper or caravan, then blanket models are also highly recommended. And are you camping in a warm country? Then a blanket sleeping bag is also the way to go.

Blanket sleeping bag advantages:

– Often fully zip-up, allowing you to turn it into a two-person sleeping bag. Note: this only applies if you own a left and right model.

– Lots of room to move because of the wide, rectangular fit

– Often made of natural-feeling materials (cotton and down) that regulate body heat well

Disadvantages blanket sleeping bag:

– Heavier

– Less compact

– Less suitable for very cold temperatures

Mummy sleeping bag

Mummy sleeping bags are really made for outdoor activities and are preferred by hikers, for example. They are generally much lighter than blanket sleeping bags due to the use of (ultra-light) synthetic materials instead of cotton and down. The packing volume of a mummy sleeping bag is therefore also much smaller than that of a blanket sleeping bag.

Another important reason why mummy sleeping bags are made for the great outdoors is that they are made to fit the shape of the human body. Thanks to the shape of the sleeping bag, the valuable heat of the body is retained everywhere, keeping you warm. Mummy sleeping bags often also have a hood so you can keep your head warm while sleeping; this is where you lose the most heat in a sleeping bag.

A blanket sleeping bag, on the other hand, has a lot of space, but therefore also a lot of “loose air” in places where the sleeping bag does not fit your body. Body heat is lost in this loose air. This is why – apart from the weight – blanket sleeping bags are not suitable for sleeping in the mountains or outdoors. You want to retain that body heat!

Fun fact: A mummy sleeping bag gets its name from the shape of an Egyptian mummy. Get it?

Suitable for: hikes, backpacking trips, cycling vacations and other activities or trips where you value lightweight and compactness. Also suitable for sleeping in (extremely) cold temperatures.

Benefits mummy sleeping bag:

– Light and compact making them easy to take with you

– Keeps you warm in the coldest temperatures

– Often features a hood that keeps the head warm

Disadvantages mummy sleeping bag:

– Less freedom of movement

– Breathes less because of synthetic materials

– Can’t always be zipped together

Decide for yourself what exactly you are looking for in a sleeping bag and take your pick!