19-05-2022 / 12:19

The ultimate lightweight NOMAD® packing list

We’ve put together a packing list of the most lightweight items from our collection for you, because “lightweight” is the key word when hiking and camping – especially at higher altitudes. Read along!

Tent: Jade 2 

Every gram matters when you’re hiking, so you’ll be happy to hear that our Jade 2 tent weighs just 1.59 kg! The Jade 2 houses 2 people (or one, if you like a bit of space), is accessible from two sides, has a strong, water-resistant tent fabric and can be stored very compactly.

NOMAD Jade 2 tent in de natuur

Sleeping bag: Orion 290

Mummy sleeping bags are generally lighter, more compact and keep you warmer than blanket sleeping bags. The latter is especially important is you sleep at high altitudes. The weight of the Orion 290 sleeping bag is only 590 grams and will keep you warm in temperatures as low as 2 degrees.

Sleeping mat: AirTec R

Air mats are always the best choice for lightweight camping. This is because they are much lighter and more compact than foam mats. Our AirTec R mat weighs only 505 grams, offers excellent comfort and is designed with techniques that prevent cold spots at body contact points.

Backpack: Explorer 70L

Depending on the length of your trek, the (outdoor) activities you’ll be doing along the way and the amount of luggage you want to take with you, we recommend going for a 60 to 70L backpack. Our Explorer 70L is the ultimate hiking backpack, equipped with a ventilating and adjustable carrying system, handy pockets and compression straps on the inside, an integrated rain and transport cover and a safety whistle.

Hiking socks: Coolmax Crew socks

Hiking socks may not be the first thing you think of when getting ready for a (long) hike. Yet they are essential. Hiking socks can make your hike a lot more comfortable! Unlike a regular cotton sock, they keep your feet dry, provide less friction, regulate the temperature of your feet and cushion, which prevents the formation of painful blisters. Our Coolmax Crew socks are fine all-rounders, perfect for warmer temperatures.


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