19-05-2022 / 12:06

Why do you need hiking socks when hiking?

Good hiking socks may not be the first thing you think of when getting ready for a (long) hike. Yet they are essential. Hiking socks can make your hike a lot more comfortable! Unlike a regular cotton sock, they keep your feet dry, provide less friction, regulate the temperature of your feet and cushion, which prevents the formation of painful blisters.

Keeping your feet dry

Perhaps the most valuable function of hiking socks is to keep the skin of your foot dry. After all, the chances of blisters are much lower with dry feet. In general, the materials of socks are able to transmit moisture well, but because your feet are in shoes, they are less able to do so. That is why only the permeation of moisture is not enough, good hiking socks should also have a buffer function or at least be able to store moisture.

Preventing friction and rubbing

No hiking shoe will fit your foot completely like a second skin. There will always be imperfections and spaces that prevent your feet from being optimally fixed in the shoes. Good hiking socks can help fill in those spaces to keep your feet from shifting and blistering. Try it out for yourself by walking with a slightly thinner or thicker sock to find the best fit and comfort.

Regulating the temperature

If socks are too warm it leads to extra perspiration and blisters. Thin socks are fine in warmer weather and ideal for intense hiking. Thick socks are really only suitable for long distances if you are hiking in really cold weather.


With every step you take, your body and knees are subjected to a great deal of shock, especially if you are hiking with a pack. The body is designed for that, but an extra hand can never hurt, of course. The soft and shock-absorbent midsole in your hiking boot will absorb a lot of the impact, but a sock with a thickened, soft and resilient footbed – especially under the ball of the foot – will certainly do the trick as well!

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