Our cookie guideline on the use of cookies on our website:

This website uses cookies and similar technologies to collect and store information.

a. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of text that is sent to your browser and stored on the hard disk of your computer or other terminals. If you access a website, a cookie on your terminal sends information to the party that has placed the cookie. Cookies are extremely common and are used on numerous websites. Each cookie typically contains the name of the domain that places the cookie, the life of the cookie and a value (typically, a unique number). You can find a detailed explanation about what cookies are and how they operate under or You can set your browser so that a message appears on the screen when a cookie is sent so that you can decide whether the cookie is to be installed on your hard disk or whether in general cookies are not accepted. However, we would like to point out that it is possible that you will not be able to use all our website’s functions if you do not accept cookies.

b. Why are cookies useful?

A website operator can do many useful things with cookies. For example, a cookie allows a website operator to ascertain whether a computer (or, possibly, also the user of this computer) has visited the website before. In general, the purpose of cookies is to improve the functionality and the user experience of the website. Cookies allow a website to operate more efficiently, provide additional functions and provide website operators with additional functions about your visit to a website. Cookies allow the website operator to measure the overall usage of the website and find out which areas users prefer. Cookies help to make the user’s visit to the website easier, because they recognize a user returning to the website and make sure that the user experience is tailored to the user concerned.

c. Which cookies have we incorporated in our website?

The following table lists the cookies that we have placed on our website.

Functional (necessary) cookies

We use a functional cookie, which is necessary to make navigation on the website possible. This cookie is only valid for the duration of your browser session. In order to remember your choice to accept or refuse our cookies, it is necessary that we place a cookie (cookieAccepted). This cookie is valid for a maximum of two years.

These are our own cookies, and they can only be read by authorised employees with Nomad. Nomad will not share the collected data with third parties, unless under obligation to do so.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies record how users use our website. With this information, the use of our website can be analysed and statistics can be generated. This way we can understand the visitors of our website better, and use this knowledge to improve the website. For this we use the service Google Analytics. In that context, analytical cookies are placed on our website from the provider of this service: Google Inc. Based on this data collected with cookies, Google makes anonymous reports for Nomad about the use of our website.

We have configured the Google Analytics cookies as ‘privacy friendly’, in line with the guidelines related to this by the Personal Data Authority. This means we process less data from you. For more information (in English) about these cookies and their validity, click here. Google offers further possibilities to unsubscribe for the collection of data within the context of Google Analytics, click here to make use of this option. Click here for more general information about how Google uses cookies. Google has not been granted permission to use the gathered information for other (Google) services. Google only receives anonymous information, without your IP address being supplied, for example.

Social media cookies

In order to offer the users of our website the possibility to share content, we have placed social media buttons on these websites, like a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram share. By using this share option, cookies can be placed on your device. These cookies can include functional cookies, which make the social media options possible, but also analytical cookies. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can use these cookies and the information gathered through them for their own purposes. We would like to refer you to the privacy policy of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and other social media programs.

The cookies related to social media are not placed or read by us, but by the social media provider in question. We have limited knowledge of and no control over these cookies. We do not accept responsibility or accountability for these social media cookies or how the social media providers in question handle the gathered information.

Tracking cookies

With your permission we place cookies on your computer, which can be requested as soon as your visit the websites from Nomad. Whenever you use our websites, we collect (a part) of your IP address, type of browser, control system and application version, language settings, the page through which you came to our website and the pages of our website you have visited. We also collect information about the response to email messages. If you visit our website from a mobile device, we also collect information about the brand of your mobile device and other specific characteristics of the device.

The profile that is put together through this is not connected to your name, address, email address and such, but only serves to adjust content to your profile, so that it is as relevant to you as possible.