The NOMAD® Story

NOMAD® is an outdoor brand founded in the Netherlands in 1978. Our products stand for high quality and are known for their durability. From a core expertise in sleeping bags and mats, we have created a complete range of travel gear including day packs, tour packs, backpacks, tents and outdoor clothing.

NOMAD® have delivered tried and tested products to travellers for over 40 years.

Our mission is to encourage people to enjoy their journeys together, short or long. Join us and  share your story #IAMNOMAD.

Rooted in Technology

NOMAD® began with the design and manufacture of sleeping bags using the first ever hollow fibre materials, then referred to as  Polydaun, which now finds expression in  the insulation technology 3D- Helixthermo®.  Ongoing textile innovation allowed us to be a market leader in the creation of compact, lightweight and affordable sleeping bags. That innovation has featured the classic Blazer sleeping bag, to innovations right up to this season featuring the Orion 700 which provides sleeping comfort to -13 degrees centigrade. There is nothing we don’t know about how to have a good night’s sleep.

The growth of travel & adventure

With the expansion of tourism and camping sectors in the 1970’s NOMAD® started building other travel products. Sleeping mats, tents, backpacks and outdoor clothing joined the product range. It was during this time that the Batura became the go-to choice of young backpackers across Europe and the Beduoin tent sheltered countless campers around the world.   At the heart of this growing business was a desire to inspire consumers the world over to create their own original adventures and  challenge themselves with a journey.

With time, NOMAD® developed greater expertise with regard to product design with NOMAD tents and sleeping bags being used in the harshest of travel conditions. Our products were used on travels to the warmest climates of Africa to the first Dutch on-foot expedition to the North Pole in 1997.

Putting People at the heart of the brand

During the 1980’s the image of the Tuareg  face was added to the NOMAD® logo. This moment marked a gradual shift in focus, brand was not on the place but on the person. At NOMAD® adventure does not need to have happen on mountain to or desert, but can also be a short trip completed in a day. What is of importance is how our travels make us feel and that great products open the door to enjoying travelling. The NOMAD® collection aims to deliver problem solving products which reduce unnecessary discomfort and frustration from travelling.

Our journey in sustainability:

As a producer of travel equipment, we take responsibility for the sustainable production of our products with respect for man and nature. We are striving to maximize the social conditions in the countries where we produce when it comes to fair pay, well-organized working hours with sufficient breaks, and creating a clean and safe working environment.

In addition, we aim to protect nature as much as possible as far as the production process and the materials we use are concerned. For these reasons, we choose, for example, high quality materials that extend the lifespan of the product leading to less waste.

Embrace the joy and freedom of shared experiences: I AM NOMAD®

As we travelled, we have learned the value of human companionship and how it enriches our travels. The memories of joy and togetherness we share on a journey often linger longer in our memories than the countless snapshots collected along the road. The feeling of freedom, our shared experiences and trust in great products form the basis of what NOMAD® stands for and what we seek to share with all our customers whether they make journeys short or long.

Join us on our journey, share your story with #IAMNOMAD.