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Nomad Dreamzone 7.5  sleeping pad
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Nomad Dreamzone 7.5 sleeping pad

  • Extra soft tricot top fabric
  • One Way adaptor for inflating or deflating only
  • Box shape
  • Soft touch stretch surface

The Dreamzone mats offer a great balance between sleeping comfort and travel comfort. The Dream Zone 7.5, with a packing size of only 71 x 15 cm, and a weight of 2050 grams, offers the same comfort as a mattress. The horizontal perforations in the foam make sure you carry no more weight than needed. The mat is given an antibacterial treatment to prevent odors and fungi. The foam is coated with durable polyester. The top layer has super-soft stretch fabric, which allows you to remain deep in sleep even when the person next to you tosses and turns. When you open the two valves (which have n-way [??or, bi-directional??] function) the mat inflates itself. These valves also feature a Quick-release option, which allows you to quickly deflate. Like the name says: The Dreamzone gives you a perfect space in which to curl up and dream.


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Packed size in cm 71 x 15
Foam Lightweight, horizontally cored, high-density foam, anti-fungal treatment applied
R-Value 9,5
Fabric top TPU laminated 50D soft embossed stretched polyester
Fabric bottom TPU laminated 75D polyester
Valves 2 Quick-release with one-way function
Netto Weight (gram) 2050
Including Stuffsack, velcro compression strap, repair kit
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