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In Gold We Trust x NOMAD represents the ultimate marriage of fashion and function. United by a strong belief in limitless freedom and craftmanship, we open up to influences from different scenes, cultures or generations. We like to explore life’s journey well prepared for anything, while expressing our own character and charisma.



The Backpack


IGWT x NOMAD Backpack

The NOMAD® IGWT x NOMAD® Backpack is a stylish 25-liter daypack for everyday use. Take this bag to school, work, or weekends away. Stylish, spacious and made of 100% recycled polyester. With this bag you make your outfit complete!

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The Laptop Sleeve


IGWT x NOMAD Laptop Sleeve

As a modern-day nomad, you might be traveling to school, work or another destination where you need your laptop on a daily basis. With this IGWT x NOMAD® Laptop Sleeve 15.6 Inch, you’ll transport your laptop safely and without hassle when you’re on the go.

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The Sleeping Mat


IGWT x NOMAD Sleeping Mat

With this IGWT x NOMAD® Sleeping Mat you will sleep as if you were at home in your own bed. This extra wide and extra thick mat is the right choice for you if you are looking for ultimate comfort during camping trips or festivals!

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The Sleeping Bag


IGWT x NOMAD Sleeping Bag

This limited edition rectangular sleeping bag from the IGWT x NOMAD® collab is specially designed for sleeping warm, comfortably and – most importantly – in style during festivals or camping trips. The sleeping bag is carried out in the aesthetic In Gold We Trust colors and has a stylish check pattern. Trust us, you’ll steal the show with this one!

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The Tent



Want to camp in style? Do it with the limited edition IGWT x NOMAD tent! This tent is spacious enough for 3 people and is very easy to set up. The high quality, the aesthetic In Gold We Trust colors and the many useful features make this tent stylish and timeless. The ultimate combination between fashion and function, with this tent you will stand out!

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The Glove


IGWT x NOMAD Stretch Glove

These gloves from the IGWT x NOMAD collab collection will effortlessly keep your hands warm. They are super lightweight, they dry quickly and you can keep using your phone while wearing them. The silicone anti-slip print on the palm and fingers gives you that extra secure grip and on the inside you’ll find soft fleece fabric. The clips on the sides keep the two gloves together. 

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The Road


IGWT x NOMAD T-shirt 

This t-shirt from the IGWT x NOMAD collab has a timeless design. It’s inspired by the classic In Gold We Trust t-shirt and it’s a must-have basic with every outfit. The ‘The Road’ tee has a relaxed fit with the IGWT x NOMAD collab logo embroidered on the chest. Made from 100% organic, heavy weight cotton and locally produced in Europe. That means that next to the impeccable design, the ‘The Road’ tee is also a sustainable choice.

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Forest_ jet_black_f

The Forest


IGWT x NOMAD Sweater

This sweater from the IGWT x NOMAD collab collection is cut like the In Gold We Trust slim fit, meaning the sleeves are slightly tighter for a more tailored look. The sweater has a high collar and deep pockets, both zippered. You’ll find the IGWT x NOMAD collab logo embroidered on your left sleeve.

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The Cave



This hoodie from the IGWT x NOMAD collab collection is made of thick, warm cotton and has a regular fit so you can easily wear a shirt or long sleeve underneath. The hoodie has a kangaroo pocket with two zippers and the IGWT x NOMAD collab logo embroidered on the left arm. 

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The Woods


IGWT x NOMAD Bodywarmer

Wear this bodywarmer from the IGWT x NOMAD collab collection as an extra layer over a t-shirt, sweater or hoodie. The ‘The Woods’ has a quilted lining stitched in a diamond pattern for extra warmth. The ribbed collar adds a stylish touch and on the back you’ll find the IGWT x NOMAD collab logo in contrasting colours.

Slanting across the chest and on both sides you will find spacious pockets. On the inside there’s another pocket with a loop to which you can attach your keys. All pockets can be closed with a zipper. 

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Both In Gold We Trust and NOMAD greatly value sustainability and that is reflected in the production of this collab collection.

For these items we only worked with 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester. All products have been locally produced in Europe.