NOMAD® Kids Travel Bed Set Cotton


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The Kids Travel Bed, a classic in the Nomad range, is a travel bed for parents who like to take their young children travelling with them. At Nomad, we understand only too well how important it is that your kids get a good night’s sleep while you are on your travels, so we developed this compact, lightweight travel bed.

This free-standing, lightweight, 100% cotton bed can be set up quickly and easily using two aluminium poles and without having to use pegs. It has two openings: one at the side through which your child can get into the bed if you prefer not to lift them in, and one on top, so that they can stand up when the upper part is open. The side entrance can be closed securely from the outside. The opening elements are made of mesh to keep out and pests and the bed has a double base, accessible from the outside, to insert the Nomad Kids Mat.

The Nomad Kids Travel Bed is indispensable for families who like to go camping with their young children.





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